Armed with an acoustic guitar and captivating vocals, Tara Leia Prescott makes her second appearance here on the blog. Her EP, The Micah Project, was reviewed here some time ago.

Young and Free EP contains another set of tracks recorded by the singer/songwriter during 2011. It was released just a couple of months earlier than the Micah Project and bears the same charming acoustic pop cuts that the singer expertly does.

With breezy guitar and sometimes piano accompanied cuts, the compilation bears the same carefree and contagious melodies the singer specializes in.

Inspired by her experience with her relationship of then-boyfriend, now husband, Peter; the songs here reflect personal thoughts and reflections through the years. Taryn has a knack for creating simple yet catchy rhyming cuts thatís endearing and relatable for anyone who has ever experienced going through a relationship.

Young and Free EP contains 5 cuts and starts with the laid-back cut, I Am Here. A track that seems like a silent confession during those days when youíre left thinking about the things you did and want. Thereís a beautiful charm to its simplicity and honesty. Tarynís voice adds to the emotion emanating from the cut as well.

Meant To Be, on the other hand, is one of the slower tracks on the EP. Itís a gorgeous love song sung with the piano and one that closes the mini compilation perfectly.

Although the EP isnít much different from her previous releases, thereís really no need to tweak anything so much. No doubt she excels at creating simple but heartfelt acoustic pop cuts. Each track manages to capture some subtle emotion that almost every single listener can relate to. If you want to hear more from the Taryn, grab the download. Also check out her other releases and enjoy!

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