The sex pistols

Louis Lingg and the Bombs: Long live the anarchist revolutionairies!

With a long name and 27 rockin tracks, Louis Lingg and the Bombs certainly makes their statement heard. Louis Lingg and the Bombs is a French punk rock band that will make The Sex Pistols and other 70s style punk rockers beam proud. Long Live the Anarchist Revolutionairies! is the band's first full feature album. It compiles 27 upbeat, rockin' tracks that time warps listeners back into the height of punk rock music. The album is a fun way to spend a great Saturday evening, partying with friends.

Autonomadic: Lies, Fear, and Hate

Punk rock that takes you back to the Sex Pistols heydays. Lies, Fear and Hate by Autonomadic exhibits first class punk rock. The album is almost comparable to the great Never Mind the Bollocks if only they came out back in the 70s. Today, most people who listen to this album will just cry out and say it's first class imitation. Coincidental or intentional imitation, these guys do a pretty good job. Lies, Fear and Hate is filled with 20 scathing, energy driven punk rock, with a hint of underground grunge that will blow you away. This trio of Justin, Todd and Baker capture a sense of raw and punk energy that's hard to spot in bands today.