Time Machine


ATWA by Nitch is an album that will surely blow your mind. With their heart-pumping tracks in the album, you are in for a grunge music experience. Listen as each beat of the drum, each groove of the the bass and electric guitars, and each kick of textured vocals enthrall your ears. Released last April 10, 2014, this album will surely elicit some solid head bangs.

Grünemusik: Time Machine

Time Machine by Grunemusik might strike you as a bit "weird" at first, especially if you are completely clueless when it comes to J-pop, anime type of music. However, if you feel right at home in the genre, then this will fit perfectly in your playlist. The album is actually a set of tracks done by 6 different Japanese artists. Each of the songs are filled with electronic, atmospheric poppy beats with vocaloid tracks; definitely perfect as an anime soundtrack.