ATWA by Nitch is an album that will surely blow your mind. With their heart-pumping tracks in the album, you are in for a grunge music experience.

Listen as each beat of the drum, each groove of the the bass and electric guitars, and each kick of textured vocals enthrall your ears.  Released last April 10, 2014, this album will surely elicit some solid head bangs.

Sunday Sunday is a combination of fun grunge music. It has a highly addictive and specific beat that grips you all throughout the piece. The vocals casts a mysterious tone that slowly turns into a surprising beat as the song progresses. This track is an example of a flawlessly executed twist.

If you are looking for the perfect backdrop for chill night-outs with friends, Time Machine is perfect mood setter for the occasion. Listen as the mix of the guitar and insanely exciting drum beats will make you excited. Aside from the beat, this track also offers a time-bound storytelling. Press play and let this musical gem  take you a to a quick trip into a timeline of memories and emotions.

How Did You exhibits its prowess with a fluid combination of electric guitar and bass. These instruments where playfully executed without overshadowing each other. Great guitar melodies serve as the foundation of the track. The vocals of the song is also up to par with the expertly arranged instrumentation.


Tap your feet, swing your head a little, and move to the beat of God Knows. What makes this song powerful is the drum beats, which is not all about noise, but exudes a certain angst that’s hard to replicate.

Vocals and instrument wise, NITCH remains faithful to their signature style, which makes this EP a must-have item on every playlist.

Track List:
1. How Did You
2. Sunday Sunday
3. Time Machine
4. God Knows

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