Time Machine by Grunemusik might strike you as a bit “weird” at first, especially if you are completely clueless when it comes to J-pop, anime type of music. However, if you feel right at home in the genre, then this will fit perfectly in your playlist.

The album is actually a set of tracks done by 6 different Japanese artists. Each of the songs are filled with electronic, atmospheric poppy beats with vocaloid tracks; definitely perfect as an anime soundtrack. Even though this type of music only caters to a small select group, (usually the ones that devote their time to watching episode after episode of their favorite Japanese cartoons or ones that actually take time to attend  Jap “cosplay” events;) there’s no doubt that the music is good. I won’t say it’s absolutely great since I do find myself wasting 6 hours of my time watching reruns of K-On!

Some of my instant favorites when listening to this compilation is the opener, Scrap Girl by Toshio Entai P. Like most Japanese pop tracks, it has a nasty hook and easily sticks to your brain like it’s made from super glue. Colorless, Coherence by Tanakasomething is also another lovely, melodic piece that’s definitely worth listening to. I guess, it won’t be stretching it if I say that it sounds like a typical Japanese pop love ballad where layers of beats and cutesy vocals are ingeniously intertwined.

If you want to try out Japanese pop, I think Time Machine will be a good representative. It features fun, electronic pop tunes that contains plenty of energy and clean mixes.

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