Tracing Arcs

Tracing Arcs: Wasteland

Here is yet another outstanding album from one of the finest trip-hop acts in the industry. Tracing Arcs, founded in the mid ’90s, gives us Wasteland. In this ten-track collection, musicians Fran Kapelle (lead vocal/backing vocals/lyrics) and Paul H. Addie (keyboards/programming/guitars) treats the listeners with a premium blend of jazz, downtempo beats, and some mellow electronic. The album also features special performances by Violet M. Williams (backing vocals) and Phil Brammer (guitar).

Tracing Arcs: Eye See You Too (Remixes & Forbidden Fruit)

Tracing Arcs is the brainchild of British duo Fran Kapelle (vocal/lyrics) and Paul H. Addie (synths/programming). Their previous record, Fin, met with plenty of positive responses and was also featured right here on our blog. Eye See You Too (Remixes & Forbidden Fruit) is a followup to their 2010 release, Eye See You Too, from German netlabel, iD.OLOGY. This second album features "remixes of songs from some of the finest artists in the netlabel scene, as well as Tracing Arcs themselves." Their music is a mix of electronica, trip-hop, jazz and a deep drum and bass sound that exudes plenty of cool and moody beats.