Vacation Dad

Various Artists: Portals Summer II

Chill Mega Chill Records teams up with Portals and Miscreant Records to once again pay tribute to the best season who brought us tanned lines, white sand, and the sea. Portals Summer II is an annual mixtape featuring 24 tracks from various artists.

MJMJ Records: Back in Bizniss

MJMJ Records is a small "cassette label" that love to deliver eclectic, home spun music to their audience. The label is made up of friends Andy and Charlie. Both are currently based in LA and building up the record from scratch after suffering through some setbacks. Back in Bizniss, as the title implies, is a celebratory compilation of sorts. After a near shutdown, MJMJ (Two Michael Jordans) is moving forward and continuing their foray into the indie music world by creating a great compilation. It's filled with music from various indie bands and musicians that are worth checking out.