MJMJ Records is a small “cassette label” that love to deliver eclectic, home spun music to their audience. The label is made up of friends Andy and Charlie. Both are currently based in LA and building up the record from scratch after suffering through some setbacks.

Back in Bizniss, as the title implies, is a celebratory compilation of sorts. After a near shutdown, MJMJ (Two Michael Jordans) is moving forward and continuing their foray into the indie music world by creating a great compilation. It’s filled with music from various indie bands and musicians that are worth checking out.

There are 17 tracks for you to enjoy on this compilation. You’ll get music from artists like Dada Trash College, Yalls, Blackhawk, Radiator Grrls, and Dream Panther to name a few.

You’ll find a whole range of sounds in this one as well. The album starts with the eclectic electro/noise indie pop song from the Arkansas native, Messy Sparkles. Actually, the name is taken up by musician JD Sparkles to explore various pulsating beats and trippy synths. Tracks like Girl Song from MORO, The Great Wide Open from Slyy, Loss-Excerpt from Sad Ghems and even MJMJ’s Vacation Dad to name a few; explore the more trippy, electronic, synth infused portionof the album.

On the other hand, you’ll also find cuts like Wonder Away from Está Vivo, the pet project of Chicago resident Ryan McMahon. The single features an indie pop rock sound with a touch of cold vocals.

Overall, you get a great mix of songs on this one. MJMJ has created a nice little compilation that will certainly appeal to the indie music lover in you. You’ll discover a host of potential bands to like and enjoy. Go ahead and grab the download.

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