Jamison Troy: Delusions of Grandeur

It’s hard to keep up with one’s “delusions of grandeur”, especially when it’s not set to music. Luckily, with this latest EP of the same name from Canadian Jamison Troy, we’re finally given some insight into the mind of someone who possesses these delusions, or lack thereof. However, Troy’s career is far from delusional, as he worked his way up from the previous decade — from a band member to full-fledged, self-supporting soloist.

Germany Germany: Star System

Calling all lo-fi electro pop lovers out there! Germany Germany‘s Star System is your next stop on your psychedelic journey. This EP released last July 2013 showcases nine impeccably good futurepop tracks to get your groove on. Germany Germany is Drew Harris, an electronic-artist-come-software-angineer from Victoria, Canada.

Terrace: Circuits EP

Well-loved band Terrace is back with an edgier approach. Their latest EP released last July 12, Circuits brings you four tracks of electro dance tunes for that psychedelic high. Currently based in Vancouver and Calgary, Terrace is Simon Lock, Isis Graham, and Adam Gasten. Unlike their first album Pollen, which was also featured here in FrostClick, Circuits EP explores the sharp and spacey aesthetic of electro dance music. Intro track Chances approaches with rough electro beats and rapid drumbeats, slowing down to a pace perfect for steady partying. Glowing keys add a dreamy flair to the track.