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It’s hard to keep up with one’s “delusions of grandeur”, especially when it’s not set to music.

Luckily, with this latest EP of the same name from Canadian Jamison Troy, we’re finally given some insight into the mind of someone who possesses these delusions, or lack thereof. However, Troy’s career is far from delusional, as he worked his way up from the previous decade — from a band member to full-fledged, self-supporting soloist.

No Money” conveys its message clearly: the subject has “no money”, and returns to his hometown, and meets a former love subsequently. “DEADMEAT” doesn’t stray too far, but focuses on that loved one this time, and all the pain and awkwardness that follows.

By now, though we’re having this strong impression that the EP spells “emo”, it veers away from stereotypical sense of the term and proves that can be sung with depth, especially with the help of a smooth, stripped-down production.

This is man is one act to look out for.

Track listing:
1. No Money
2. Deadmeat
3. A Response
4. What I Never Got

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