The Android ecosystem is filled with some really interesting apps that increase the productivity by leaps and bounds and UC Browser 8 is a perfect example. This particular browser not only delivers a desktop-like experience, but also increases the browsing speed considerably.

Developed by UC Web, the quality of the app is something to be rest assured off. The developers claim that UC Browser 8 delivers a true web-browsing experience on a smartphone.

The biggest advantage enjoyed by UC Browser 8 over competitors is the fact that it works on the U3 Kernel. A kernel is basically an update that enhances the entire software productivity and boots right after the BIOS. Under this app, the U3 Kernel merges and syncs with the smartphones’ hardware more efficiently and effectively for the optimum performance.

The browser itself is very intelligent and works with a mind of his own, with great improved performance under-the-hood. Performance enhancements are the name-of-the-game with increased browser speed, intelligence, safety, as well as energy-saving treats. Furthermore, the browser includes various smart tools such as smart reading, smart forum, and smart screen adapting for proper utilization of colors and perfect webpage rendering.

Another great addition is the inclusion of favorite web-pages loading with much faster speeds. I really like the feature which comes in the form of “My Shortcuts”, saving the most visited site directly on the home-screen for better and faster accessibility.

Compared to 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi connections, the UC Browser 8 renders the web-pages much faster compared to older and more traditional mobile web-browsers. Overall, this browser uses the most advanced web technology and helps in giving a full-fledged desktop experience; all this while consuming the least amount of power. A thumbs-up to UC Browser 8.

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