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Been experiencing PC crashes lately? For most Windows users, the blue screen of death or BSOD is a familiar phenomenon that’s expected to happen at some point. Most of us, panic at the sight of this blue screen with all its random numbers and codes flashing on the screen. Of course, it just means that there’s something wrong with any one of the drivers or hardware running on our PC, but which one?

Using Nirsoft’s Bluescreen View can help you take a look at the specific file driver that’s been causing the problem so you can take steps to fix it and stop BSOD from happening again.

Bluescreen View is a free mini software that you can download to help scan the root cause of your BSOD problems.

Every time your computer crashes, it normally creates a record of the event including the details about the cause of the crash. Now, unless you have photographic memory or you have extremely fast hands to write down the error codes, then you might have trouble looking for the source of the problem. Windows Vista users are a bit lucky on this department since Vista creates a log and recommends a fix for BSOD problems.

However, if you use XP or any other system, you might need this nifty tool to help you find those files. The program is a small download at only 123 KB. Once you have it set up, it will automatically scan your PC for the recorded crash files and show it to you. It will also mimic the look of the BSOD. You can then look for a common link in these crashes and determine which driver is causing your troubles.

If you have multiple computers hooked up in your network, the program will also allow you to view all the problems that these computers had or are having. You can then issue a fix or pinpoint the specific driver that’s been giving you headaches all this time.

Overall, the program is easy to use and very helpful. Those who have basic knowledge in troubleshooting can definitely benefit from having such an insightful tool in their arsenal. So, why not say goodbye to BSOD for good?

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