Ain’t music produced better than with love?

This probably is the mantra of rising urban group Ain’t No Love, which, after wowing indie music fans with slicker-than-slick tunes via their self-titled EP, returns to FrostClick and FrostWire with a slightly moody yet incredibly delicious Tears of Joy.

Spreading their trademark “renegade pop” to audiences of other crowd-pleasers such as Iggy Azalea, Steve Aoki, and Calvin Harris, you bet your judgmental auditory senses that Saidah, Beanz, and 1990 aren’t amateurs – something that over 116,500 downloads of their first FrostWire feature Ain’t No Love EP can definitely attest to.

Aint No Love

Gone Already” has a good reason of being promoted from bonus track status on the first EP – it packs enough spunk that cleverly illustrates everyone’s craving for ‘more’, with or without any purpose.

The gloom continues on the succeeding tracks “Blinded” and “Tears of Joy“, which sugarcoats the generation’s existential crises beneath hard-hitting synths and bold rap verses.

A favorite comes in the form of the happy – surprisingly – “Fake Your Dreams,” a lively production this blossoming trio can use as a blueprint for their next few productions, as “ReUp“.

The First Album ever to be shared with a .torrent that supports Bitcoin donations!
If you download this album using the latest version of FrostWire you will be able to give some love back to Ain’t No Love, in the form of tips, they can be as low as a few cents, or as big as you want them to be, the best part is that nobody gets a cut of your contribution, Ain’t No Love gets to keep 100% of the bitcoins you send them.

tears of joy

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Bitcoin Tipping URL: http://bit.ly/PT9ufW
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And now prepare – you’re in for a treat, boys and gals!

Track listing:
1. Gone Already
2. Blinded
3. Tears of Joy
4. Fake Your Dreams
5. ReUp
6. Champion Babylon

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