This album is a first production by Richmond, VA producer Just Plain Ant in which he showcases many young & creative local artist. Seemingly old-fashioned at heart, with carefully drafted lyrics and classic beats, the album offers what the main stream bling-infested, sex-oriented money driven hip-hop scene is missing: fresh, thought-provoking & innovative release.

“Fly” features artists like Rasul The Nobody, Brad Oblivion, EENJ, Joey Ripps, Stephany Alva and others.

The album is compiled of 14 original tracks and spanns over a total run-time of 57:07 minutes.

The deep messages coming from the tracks of the album are circling around Politics, Terrorism, Philosophy, and Hardships of Life.
Being a follower of the hip-hop genre for quite sometime now, and seeing the legacy it follows and its birth, Just Plain Ant really offers up a treat for old-school Hip-Hop lovers and he whips it up in the most classic manner by focusing on issues rather than portraying a larger than life illusion-ed lifestyle of rappers.

I advice listeners to hear the track “Revolution” and feel the in-depth work put into recreating the entire hardships and suffering people faced with the 9/11 attacks and how the lives of a thousand Americans was never the same again. What I perceived was that the album is compiled with quite a few hard-hitting tracks and they all drift in a certain flow with subtle beats and a message reaching out in the best possible lyrical way.

So all Hip-Hop lovers looking for some classic and real rap better hit the download button fast and let us know your take on the album and artist in our comment section below.

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