Fangs is the second studio effort by the L.A based indie rock quartet Great White Buffalo following their self-titled debut full-length album. While staying true to the fun groovy style of pop rock they previously established, the band’s latest EP is also a significant musical maturation.


The record is quite appropriately named, considering how sharp the songwriting is. The guitar hooks are more memorable then before and you may even find yourself humming along to the choruses hours after listening to them. Great White Buffalo make it boldly apparent that they’re no amateurs when it comes to writing catchy melodies.

To fuel their danceable tunes, the band borrows the grit and energy of 90s grunge and alternative rock scene, audible on numerous moments and most distinctly on the track Off The Rails. I’m Growing Fangs on the other hand, floats on a chilled-out funk vibe, while the vocal style on Detroit could be viewed as a tribute to Bono.

The record’s greatest highlight Headlights, however, is a song built on nostalgia. It’s hard to figure whether it’s because of the ingenious guitar riff, or the lyrics or simply vocalist Graham Bockmiller’s wistful voice, but the track succeeds in giving us four full minutes of pure melancholic beauty.

Favorite Track: Headlights


Track List
1. Detroit
2. I’m Growing Fangs
3. Off The Rails
4. Headlights

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