With the recent rise of the Future Funk genre (especially the part based on Japanese Disco) comes the rise of a major player in the game. Henry White, or Aritus, is a big name in the Soundcloud community. Along with being a producer/DJ, he is also the founder of the Future Society Collective, an absolute titan of a collective focusing on Future Funk. Their Future Society Collective Vol. 1 LP featured 32 artists from their huge 55 artist roster. With around 4000+ followers and growing, Henry is known for taking those old school samples and bringing them into the Future world while still staying very true to the Funk half of the genre. His album Walkingman EP is no exception.

The formula for Future Funk alone makes it seem like it would be hard to maintain originality; you essentially add drums and effects to Funk samples. Aritus makes this process seem effortless. Opening up strong with the title track, Walkingman, Henry establishes a solid disco pattern with grooving bass line, then smoothly works in a trumpet and vocal sample. Right from the beginning, this 9 track EP even makes listeners like me more confident in their dance moves.

In this EP, Aritus mixes in his deliberate, strong drum loops with a consistent sampling style. Establishing a longer sample then switching to vocal cuts. The vocal cuts as well popular DJ effects are used tactfully, keeping the simplicity and flow moving throughout the whole album but letting Henry express his control over the production techniques.

It’ll be hard not to dance non-stop for 28 minutes when you first hear Walkingman EP. So click that free download button now. And to find more of his tunes, check Aritus out on Soundcloud.

Track List
1. Walkingman
2. Paris Walk
3. Disco Lady
4. Gonna Get
5. Dirty Moves
6. Love Found
7. Fun In The Sun (Feat. コンシャス [CONSCIOUS] THOUGHTS)
8. Summer With You
9. Keep

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