Take a stroll through the ‘emerald park’, where random ‘things’ abound, except for a dull time.

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, the guys and gal (only one) of Emerald Park surely know how to cook some infectious tunes. This time around, the band is at it again with the recently-released Things EP, which is a bunch of tracks taken from their debut album “Absolute Zero” and the more recent “Black Box EP”, both of which sadly aren’t free.

Don’t fret though, because ‘Things’ warrants enough spunk in itself, ridding you of a need to purchase their other releases, unless you’re a die-hard ‘completist’.

Emerald Park

The indie darlings keep it light and playful with “Modular Home”, a joyous ode (probably) to their vibrant hometown. The momentum then goes sonic with “The Night I Proclaimed Your Love”, a modern waltz that will undoubtedly go straight to your “favorites” playlist.

Smooth rhythm easily gives way to the frolicking “Bergsgatan” (named after a street in Stockholm) and the sort-of-impromptu “At The Circus”, where they make “running with horses” and “flying up in the sky” seem like a profound mundaneness.

The EP closes off with the title track, “Things”, a Depeche Mode emulation that talks about, well, doing ‘things’ with someone, perfectly capturing the randomness that comes with encountering the one you adore.

Remember, when you pack that iPod, keep these Things with you.

Track listing:

  1. Modular Home
  2. The Night I Proclaimed Your Love
  3. Bergsgatan
  4. At the Circus
  5. Things


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