Plug-ins & Add-ons

Browser plugins, Design Application add-ons or any other type of files that enhance functionality of a given software.


Checker Plus

Checker Pus from developer Jason Savard is a Gmail notification extension for Chrome that does exactly that, but this program can do a lot more. For one thing, it can read the notifications out loud, something other apps can’t do. It’s also very accessible since it’s just a click away on the Chrome toolbar, but there’s more.
HD YouTube

YouTube High Definition

YouTube High Definition is a Firefox add on that will play all YouTube videos in HD. Developed by Baris Derin, it’s a nice and free add on that allows you to watch YouTube without having to change the settings for each video, but YouTube HD can do quite a bit more.

Web of Trust

The Internet is a fun place, but we all know there are online scams, hacked sites and so on, and if you are worried about privacy and security, having a utility like Web of Trust (WOT) can come in handy. This browser add-on, available for Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera, tells you which websites are the most trustworthy based on user experiences and ratings.