So many things to do, so little time – a problem a lot of people face. The key is knowing how to organize your day to day activities to make the most of your time. Google Keep from Google is a notepad app with syncing capabilities. It links up to Google Drive and offers support for checklists, voice notes, images and more.

Google Keep saves your files in Drive from where you can access it on any mobile device. To add notes, just press the text box and type. Look under this and you will see buttons to add images, voice notes, checklists, text notes and so on.

To activate voice notes just tap the mic and start talking. Google Keep then turns your speech to text. Your recording is saved to the file so you can replay it. Its text to speech conversion is pretty accurate and is quicker than writing down long notes. The nice thing about Keep is how seamlessly it integrates with Google Drive so anything you save on Keep is accessible there.

Google Keep also has a home screen widget that lets you make notes even if you do not open the app. This is a handy feature especially if you just want to take a quick note. Another advantage of Google Keep is its quickness. Compared to other note-taking apps, this one is faster and more responsive, making it a practical app to use. If you are not happy with your note app, Google Keep is a good option.

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