Okular is a free cross platform document reader. Developed by the Okular Team, it is a universal reader that can run on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and BSD among others. Unlike other so-called document readers that support only PDF and a few other formats, Okular has wide ranging format support.

File Brick

File Brick is a free file manager for Windows 8. Developed by Compal, this is not just your typical file manager though, as it has a host of other functions that make it a very useful tool for managing your social media files and other stuff. It’s actually more like a social network manager than anything else.


SpaceSniffer is a free Windows application from Uderzo Software that makes it simple for you to assess your files and folders. There are many similar applications available for Windows, but this one is still worth a look because of its features. It’s powerful but surprisingly easy to use.

Cubic Explorer

Cubic Explorer is a free, open source file management program for Windows. Created by Cubic Reality Software, it offers a simple and intuitive way of managing your files. It has many advanced features but is easy enough for a casual computer user to use.

My Data Manager

My Data Manager by Mobidia Technology is an app (iOS, Android) that will monitor your data usage. If you find yourself often going past the allocated limit, this should prove to be a useful app. However, this doesn’t just track data usage as it can do a lot more. One of the most useful though, is letting you see a data monthly forecast so you can stretch it out.


Converber from Xyntec Automation is one of the most powerful unit converters for Windows. This freeware program helps you convert more than 2,000 measurement units, and these are arranged in 53 categories for easy reference and use. All widely used unit measurement conversions are included, and more.


MPTagThat, created by Helmut Wahmann and published by MediaPortal, is an open source tag editor that will make it easy to tag your mp3 files. The application has a lot of features such as CD ripping, burning, number tracks and more, but the interface makes the entire process easy.

VLC DVD Ripper

VLC DVD Ripper is a free ripping program that lets you convert your DVDs to different formats so you can play them on your favorite devices. This free program is also easy to use and it supports a number of popular audio and video formats


Pokki is more than just a replacement for the Start menu in Windows, as it provides you with a new and simpler way to access your favorite applications. With this program you get several one click app launchers and mobile notifications for apps, tweets and email. And you can get more, much more.