Remove Empty Directories (RED)

Remove Empty Directories (RED) from JonasJohn.de does what all Windows programs should do, and that is remove empty folders when they are no longer used. This might not seem like a big problem, but the truth is these empty folders will, over time occupy a lot of space. With this freeware for Windows, that won’t be a problem anymore.


TagScanner is a free Windows application for managing and organizing the music files on your computer. All popular audio formats like mp3, wav, flac, mpeg4, wma and many others are supported. You can use the software to rename files and perform a variety of transformations using text from filenames and tags. This application was created by X Development.


ZipGenius is freeware for Windows that will help you regain precious disk space on your computer. If you have a lot of documents in your computer and they are taking too much space, you can just use this software by Wininizio.it Software and you'll have more real estate in your hard disk again.

NameChanger for Mac

NameChanger for Mac is a free program that makes it easy to rename multiple files, a chore that usually takes forever to do. This application is developed by MRR Software, and it is very easy to use. The latest version has support for Regular Expressions, as well as the ability to sort via the EXF date.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone for the iPad and iPhone does exactly that, help you find your device if it is lost. Its one of those apps from Apple you never want to use but will want to have around. Losing your device isnt just a matter of money of course, as all your personal and business data is stored there as well.
Scan Pages

Scan Pages

Scan Pages, to put it simply, adds a scanning element to your iPhone. Developed by Ricoh Innovations Inc, the app allows you to scan product labels, signs, magazines, forms, documents and more. There are a few apps like it on iTunes, but this one stands out because of its sophisticated image processing technology. Scanning is a breeze. Use your phones camera to take a snapshot of the document. Move the yellow dots to adjust the borders. This yellow rectangle can be used to fix distorted photos. The app is best used with documents on a white background with black text.
Offline Gmail

Offline Gmail

Offline Gmail by Google gives you access to your mail even without an Internet connection. At first this seems unnecessary; arent we always online with desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and Wi-Fi hotspots? Actually, it is necessary. Web connections are plentiful in the US and many other countries. But what if youre traveling to a place or country where Web access is choppy?
iHandy Level Free

iHandy Level Free

iHandysoft is known for making a lot of useful apps for the iOS and Android, and iHandy Level Free is one of them. This nifty app turns your device into an alignment tool. This spirit level app has no fancy features, but it does the job right. IHandy Level can be used for a variety of household tasks like roof pitch calculations. It can also be used to measure walls, furniture, decors and take various angles. Students can rely on this to perform assorted measurements. Because iHandy Level uses the iPhones accelerometer, the results are spot-on. In fact the app can be used for measuring vehicle inclination.