Miranda IM

Miranda IM is a free instant messaging client for Windows, and while it doesn’t have the fancy features of other IM clients, it’s very functional and provides basic but solid features. Most important, however, is that it’s free and easy to use. With this software you can easily add accounts from your other IM clients, and that’s only for starters.


Gnuplot is an open source command line graphing utility developed by Philipp K. Janert that allows students, scientists and researchers to create data and math formulas in an interactive manner. This cross platform program can also be used by third party programs and it has some web scripting support too.

Clover 3

Clover 3 is a free add-on for Windows Explorer that adds tabs to Windows Explorer, making the user interface of Windows’ file manager even more practical and easier to use. While there are a number of add-ons available on the market, Clover 3 stands out as one in the lead.

Open Freely

Open Freely is free Windows program that allows you to open more than 100 different file formats. Developed by Blue Labs, you can use it to open files from Word, WordPerfect, Excel and Adobe as well as audio video formats like mpeg, 3gp, and .flac and images too.


Snappy is a Windows application that allows you to take screenshots. There’s more than a few of these available, but Snappy is free and easy enough for even a casual computer user to use. Developed by OndaNera, it’s a very basic but useful utility.

Storage Cleaner

Storage Cleaner is a free app that does exactly that, clear up space on your Windows Phone. Developed by Venz, it’s something you will really find useful particularly if you’re the type who installs a lot of apps. While it’s not the flashiest storage cleaner for Windows Phone, it does the job.


Google2SRT by Komz is a free utility that lets you download, keep and convert several subtitles off Google Video and YouTube into SubRip (.srt) format. SRT is a format that majority of media players recognize, so if you play and edit videos a lot this tool will be very convenient.