The advent of High-Definition (HD) movies has not only brought crystal-quality picture to us, but also has brought around a dozen of new formats such as, .mkv, .avi, Xvid, Divx, .mp4 so on and so forth. This poses a big problem for the default video players in phones and tablets, as they are unable to handle the newer breeds of formats. Here enters VLC Direct Pro for Android.

VLC player is developed by Streaming Technologies and they have done a marvelous job with their Android App. To a certain extent, it is safe to say, that VLC Direct PRO matches the quality of the VLC Player for Desktop.

VLC Player is ruling the 3rd party software charts for the functionality and ease-of-use it has to offer. It supports various formats, plays videos is different resolutions (16:9, 4:3), users have a wide array of choices for sound output, and all this re-defines the entire movie watching experience on portable devices.

The PRO functionality is amazing and is like a blessing for anyone who has a huge library of films. VLC Direct Pro acts as a sort of wireless streaming bridge from your computer to your tablet and, if the user has their computer and tablet connected to the same Wi-Fi network, operation of the app is remarkably easy. All the user needs to do is enable the VLC web interface on the computer (which the app guides you step-by-step) and Voila! you are all setup to watch movies from your collection without a fuss.

Overall, the VLC Direct PRO free is a great app with full PRO functionality coming in at no cost at all. If watching movies/videos is your ballgame, then this is the app that should adorn your app drawer for sure.

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