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Royal Revolt game

Royal Revolt

Royal Revolt is a reverse tower defense game with the developer Flaregames adding some nice twists that raise it above other similar games. It doesn’t just have really cool graphics but the controls are also easy to learn and pick up. In Royal Revolt, you learn that after spending time in school learning magic your father’s kingdom has been overrun by his siblings. Now it is your task to restore order to the kingdom and get the throne back.

GT Racing Motor Academy Free

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ from Gameloft has all the ingredients that make racing games fun: cool tracks, cool cars, fast paced and easy to use controls. Unlike other free racing games, there’s plenty of cars here (more than 100) and manufacturers so the game never gets old.

Where’s My Mickey?

Where’s My Mickey continues the Where’s My series from Disney, and here you need to help the water get to Mickey by creating a path on the dirt, and along the way you need to collect stars. If you’ve played the other Where’s My games the mechanics will be very familiar, but there are some new elements that come into play here.

Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem from Adult Swim is a shooter pure and simple. Major Mayhem is a dude with serious case of itchy trigger finger. He’s a one man army, and if you want a taste of over the top action, you can’t go wrong with this one. There are a lot of action and rail shooter games on mobile, but this is one of the best.

Tetris Blitz

Of course you know Tetris, as it’s the original puzzle game, and while several versions have appeared, Tetris Blitz from Electronic Arts offers something different. If you have played the game before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the way EA has changed the game and made it more interesting.


Motoheroz is a racing game from Ubisoft, and unlike other mobile racing games, physics plays a big role here. This is why it isn’t something you are just going to go through easily. With its flashy graphics and sound, you’ll get to race across obstacles while racing in off road vehicles.

Prize Claw

Remember when you used to go to carnivals and arcades and trying to win those candies and toys with the motorized claw? Well, Prize Claw from Game Circus brings this experience to the iOS and Android. It’s a simple game but a lot of fun and will draw you into it. The more levels you complete the more prizes and puzzles you will unlock, so it keeps you hooked.