X – A Free Techno Compilation, is brought to us by Techno Blast | Phlow in cooperation with DJ Meeting. This is their first (and free) creative commons techno compilation.

The compilation producers boast of a carefully designed selection that includes the best of the past and present indie artists. The tracks mostly came from different netlabels, but one track is exclusive to X . This track is from Sudio, who remixed “Sonic Impact” just to render more edge into this compilation.

The tracks pretty much deliver what it promised in its name: techno. It’s all about good vibes, free psychedelic waves, and chillout sounds. Phlow brought a great idea to life when they decided to review their mammoth database of techno music and come up with a decent compilation. Now it is easier for techno enthusiasts to get a fix of techno music from different flavors of artists all at once.

The artists featured in this compilation are: New Delhi FM, PHVSR, Samim and Michal, Max Cavalerra, Thompson and Kuhl, Psychosonic, Dorian Knox, Pero, Surphase and Rktic, and Frank Biedermann.

1. new delhi_fm – “exit peacemaker” (www.derkleinegruenewuerfel.de)
2. phvsr – “metro” (www.modularfield.net)
3. samim and michal – “ripop”_(www.archive.org/details/textone)
4. max cavalerra – “eternity” (www.broque.de)
5. thompson and kuhl – “heisse luft” (www.digital-diamonds.com)
6. psychosonic – “brainwaves” (www.zimmer-records.org)
7. sudio – “sonic impact (shapes of adrenaline edit)” (www.phlow-magazine.com)
8. dorian knox – “butterfly” (www.audioexit.com)
9. pero – “bebby” (www.peromusic.com)
10. surphase and rktic – “tidenhub” (www.thinner.cc)
11. frank biedermann – “chewbacca” (www.stadtgruenlabel.net)

compiled by Mango Aioli for Phlow

I am not a fan of techno music, but a lot of my friends are into it. It’s their lucky day because I will download X – A Free Techno Compilation just to give to them.

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