Listening to Palette Town is like getting lost in a world where Pokemon’s and quirky comic books come to life.

Obviously influenced by anything and everything they fancy, their sound blends an exciting eclecticism while maintaining that childish, fun vibe.

Life, Love & Laser Guns echo indie pop, garage rock and even a bit of disco dance influence. This is the latest compilation from the four piece Miami natives and it carries some great and catchy tunes worth checking out.

Befitting their name, Palette Town paints beautiful soundscapes. Using various instruments, synths and beats as their medium, they create musical masterpieces in their own right. The band is made up of Chris DeSalle, Daniella Chamorro, Fredrik Baliwis and Sylvano Umbac.

There’s a very distinct sound emanating from the crew. Like time travelers,they  time-hop from the 80s to the future in the way they combine certain bits and bobs. Opening with Panda’s Thumb, the track is a compendium of mild guitar riffs, soft drum crashes and twinkly sounds. It’s an appropriate mood setter and introduction. Like a solid handshake; you’re assured in getting reliable tracks up ahead.

From Hawaii, presents a nice tempo and introduces vocals for the first time in the compilation. The track sounds perfectly unpolished in all of its 2 minute glory. Meanwhile, Beach Day, keeps up the pace and adds a very 80s new wave touch to the record. One of the catchiest tracks in the short EP. Finally, Paperthin Ocean, closes Life, Love & Laser Guns in the same note it started.

Palette Town is a band that fascinates. The group manages to create gorgeous soundscapes that perfectly allow the listener to explore and enjoy it at their own pace. This is a lovely record that can easily become a staple in anybody’s playlist. It’s a bit too short but it’s definitely worth the grab.

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