balacade is Andrew Reynolds, a one-man act from Canada that has been producing records back in high school. He cites Sparklehorse, Neil Young and Elliott Smith as his influences and you can tell easily from the music he has produced that he leans towards indie folk genre. Julie EP contains songs that are all written, recorded and played from 2011 – 2014 on 4-track tape machines. This is why the songs have this real, bedroom songs feel to it that makes balacade songs more sincere as they already are.


One of the best feelings in the world that doesn’t require you to actually purchase anything or doesn’t involve money is coming across a song you immediately love upon listening the first few bars of it and inside your mind you are screaming “OMG I love this song!” This is exactly what happened when I first heard Suicide Machine. Live your life for me /Sure, live yours, too – is how the song starts. It is a dream to listen to this song. It is soft and hushed in all the right way. You know how some songs are just meant to make you feel sad and yet you can’t stop listening to it? Not because you like being sad but because you like finding another outlet for it aside from your own? That is how Suicide Machine sounds like.

Balacade: California from andrew reynolds on Vimeo.

There is something delicate about balacade and his songs. It reminds you of holding fine china in your hand and touching it with the slightest touch, afraid of breaking such a fine thing. Andrew Reynolds has managed to come up with an EP that is both genteel and gentle. It has a quiet hopefulness to it and a hidden confidence that you will find among artists who don’t realize how good they really are in real life.

Track List:
1. Suicide Machine
2. Static King
3. Resurrect Dead On Planet Jupiter
4. Vintage Ocean Liner
5. Everybody Sees The Sunlight

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