creative commons album

Wordsmith: The Backstage EP

Appearing on the FrostClick blog yet again – Wordsmith is back with another great release. This time around the artist teamed up with his fellow label mate, his cousin CuzOH!, and together set forth to bring an 8 track long The Backstage EP that comes wrapped up with a special bonus cut.

BJ Block & Dawn Pemberton: II

Simply titled, II; BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton's second collaboration bears the same uplifting positive emotion and meaningful lyrics that has made their first effort, The Land of Make Believe, a success. They've continued the tradition of releasing this one for free as well and listeners are getting a chance to hear it first in Frostwire. Containing 9 soulful tracks, it bears the familiar sound of jazz, funk, R&B and gospel that has become a trademark for the feel-good, positive and chill vibe of their music.

Alexander Chereshnev: Unremembered Stardust

Artist and composer Alexander Chereshnev, has unveiled his latest project titled Unremembered Startdust. The EP comes equipped with 4 tracks that are both hauntingly dreamy and melancholic. The artist has been around the music scene since 2004, producing various types of music and releasing a few EPs. Among his first compilations was a short record titled Going Home. This was released under his then moniker, Siberian Son. After this first foray, he followed it up by releasing various vinyls, singles as well as contributing to different compilations including this latest record.

The Black Atlantic: Darkling, I Listen

The Black Atlantic is no stranger to the pages of the Frostclick blog, their previous record, Reverence for Fallen Trees, was featured here before. Despite their rather melodic folk sound, they list metal bands like Slayer and Metallica as among their influences on their Facebook page. Whether it's a tongue-in-cheek name drop or not, if you listened to Darkling, I Listen; it's hard to find these influences. They don't seem to need it though since the group is fully capable of mesmerizing their audience with their subdued indie folk ensembles.

Karizma: Cup Cakes & Duct Tape

Cup Cakes and Duct Tape is a 21-track (yes, that many songs included) hip hop compilation from rapper Karizma. This is the latest album from the 16-year old rapper since his debut EP, Every Other F, was released in 2011. Not much has changed since then, in fact his sound has gained more focus now and there's also a bit more variety. Karizma is Morgan Parriott, a teen who enjoys music, making people laugh, wrestling and hails from Minnesota. Despite the young age, the artist is showcasing a whole lot of talent up his sleeve. This one is for fans of Eminem, Nas and J Dilla.

Nick Rivera: Happy Song is a Happy Song

Have a sweet spot for folk electronica music? Happy Song is a Happy Song by Nick Rivera is a compilation you should check out. The man behind this musical project is Michele Sarti, an Italian singer/songwriter who has a gift for transforming various instruments and sounds into a whole menagerie of quiet beauty. His sound captures elusive and fleeting moments so perfectly that it's hard not to fall for it. After years spent playing drums for a number of rock bands, Michele eventually sought more experimental and free form sounds. This led to rediscovering instruments like the French horn and exploring a more meditative, free-folk form of sound.

Vernon Lenoir: The Rites of Sausage

For times when all you need is a funky and quirky party album, pop over Vernon Lenoir's The Rites of Sausage and you should be good to go. This crazy party album mixes loud beats, 8-bit pixel goodness and a dose of remade pop culture. The super talented composer/ sampling-genius has released several compilations from various netlabels like UpItUp, VM Recordings, and Ego Twister. This time around, he ventures over to Chinstrap Records and unloads his genius samples via The Rites of Sausage. From the Macarena to Inspector Gadget, the record is a sure mix of funky goodness.