Slimm is the brainchild of Icelandic electronic musician Jacob Skogursson who is also an architect. His latest project, Bobo, is a collection of eight tracks which he says took him three years to complete and aims to “create special pictures and imaginations in the listener’s minds”.


Slimm’s music relies as much on melody as it does on atmosphere. With his wide arsenal of guitars, synths, pianos, double basses, sounds of sloshing water and a humongous variety of percussions, Slimm makes every track sound as ethereal and surrounding as it can get, but never loses touch with his sense of melody (the gorgeous second half of The Brooding May, for instance). One of the album’s most striking features, however, is Slimm’s eclectic influences. The record masterfully blends together genres like jazz, trip-hop, and ambient, offering something for all kinds of tastes.

While Bobo may serve perfectly well as background music, Slimm’s intricacy and sophistication beg for undivided focus. Do not feel surprised if you find yourself, after repeated listening, hearing things you missed on the first play.

Favorite Track: The Brooding May


Track List
1. The Brooding May
2. Bobo
3. The Hawk And The Bumblebee
4. The Craftsman And The Devil
5. Morning Be Good
6. The Dark Side Of The Acid Forest
7. Marvelous Silence Of Brokilon
8. Brainsick Wanderer

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