Disaster Alert is for all the globe-trotters currently roaming the world, those simply planning their next big adventure, or people whose families are scattered all across the globe. The application comes with some serious real-time updates of the present disaster happenings and allows for additional hazard information to be viewed and shared with friends and family.

Developed by Pacific Disaster Center, the app is a masterpiece and will really keep people more vigilant and aware. It is not only accurate, but the sense of urgency is very well integrated and takes the app to the next level.

The accuracy of the app cannot be questioned as the data is collected from authorative sources, with ‘Active Hazard” updates being refereed to a pool of current and real-time incidents. The greatest part about the app are the legends which represents a particular hazard. So, if an area has been hit by an earthquake, the app places a yellow triangle in that place in the Map view. There is a total of 12 legends with each color representing a particular hazard class.

Shifting to the Alerts tab, the app shows a detailed, statistical view of all the natural disaster occurrences around the world; with complete information, such as, level of calamity – advisory, warning, and moderate, time of disaster, type of disaster, date, origin, and affected places. Through this, users also have the option to seek more information on a particular event.

Disaster Alert includes the following major natural disasters: hurricane, drought, earthquake, flood, marine, storm, tsunami and volcano. These disasters are covered under Global happenings. Alerts concerning National Weather Service High Surf, National Weather Service High Wind and National Weather Service High Flood are only covered for the Hawaii region as of now.

The app comes equipped with a very clean and detailed interface and only enhances the already existing real-time updates. Moreover, Disaster Alert aims at creating disaster management awareness among people who live in the disaster prone zones. Overall, a must-have app for every individual who loves being updated and interested in reducing the adversity of natural calamities. Who knows, soon the Apple iPad might just become the best disaster information tool around.

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