Have you ever found yourself needing to back-up files from your iPod? I mean, admit it, most of us don’t really like storing large music and video files in our hard drive. And since most of the new iPod models contain large memory (to date, up to 160 GB) that we tend to rely on its capacity. I have personally experienced losing 50 GB worth of files in my iPod and I’m telling you it wasn’t an experience I want to remember; I haven’t recovered everything until now. So, to avoid file loss and to have extra perks than that of other iPod-reader softwares, download SharePod for Windows.

SharePod is a free software that allows users to manage their iPod files. It doesn’t matter what kind (e.g. music, videos and photos), SharePod does it all! It also does what iTunes can do. It allows you to add remove files; add, remove, and edit playlists; tag editing; and add and remove album art.
The best thing about SharePod is you can copy files with ease and is store right where you want them to be located. Importing your music and videos from your iTunes library won’t be a problem too. It will not destroy or change any codec of your iPod – you can always choose using iTunes again, if you like to. The application is open for all kinds of iPod (classic, nano, and shuffle); it even supports for iPhone and iTouch. SharePod is not really complicated to use and it actually eats less space in your PC’s memory; it only occupies 3-4 MB of space!

SharePod can be summed up in three words:
Change – manipulate your iPod files with ease,
Back-up – copy files anytime and store them anywhere,
Share – use it at work, school, office, and anywhere you want.

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