Downhill Xtreme

Casual games have captured the hearts of millions; they also turned many of the iPhones, iPads and iPods into some of the most outstanding gaming devices out there. So if you are one of the people who can not wait to try out another hot game on the market be sure to check out Downhill Xtreme, "world’s first longboard racing game" that just might leave you playing for hours. Created by Distinctive Developments Ltd, this developer has proved to be an avid lover of the mighty iOS platform, producing some great time-killing titles such as, Football Kicks, Rugby Nations 09, Anytime Pool to name a few. However, it is the Downhill Xtreme that is a real step forward in the right direction.

LightBike 2

Here we have something for the real speed-junkies, yet again, so prepare for a heavy dosage of adrenaline rush with LightBike 2 (the sequel to the worldwide mega hit LightBike). This time around the game has come with some heavy duty updates to enhance the game-play and take the overall game experience to an all new high. Created by Pankaku Inc., this developer is no new kid-on-the-block as far as iOS is concerned and has quite a few apps under its belt. The developer releases new versions of the app in series and that is something commendable. So instead of just releasing minor updates, a revamped version will always make the users smile.

Disaster Alert

Disaster Alert is for all the globe-trotters currently roaming the world, those simply planning their next big adventure, or people whose families are scattered all across the globe. The application comes with some serious real-time updates of the present disaster happenings and allows for additional hazard information to be viewed and shared with friends and family. Developed by Pacific Disaster Center, the app is a masterpiece and will really keep people more vigilant and aware. It is not only accurate, but the sense of urgency is very well integrated and takes the app to the next level.


Have you ever wanted to back-up the contents of an iPod and transfer them onto a computer or external hard-drive? Maybe you manage your music manually and do not have all of your contents stored neatly into one folder on a PC? Or maybe your computer has crashed and you no longer have your iPods music or videos stored on it?. iDump is an iPod copying tool and it solves both of these issues. Through this program, a user can individually check the songs in which he or she wants to back-up or they can simply select everything as a mass and back-up every song contained within an iPod. Either way, once the required contents are ticked, all one has to do is click ‘Start Copy’.

SharePod – change, back-up & share the files on your iPod

Have you ever found yourself needing to back-up files from your iPod? I mean, admit it, most of us don’t really like storing large music and video files in our hard drive. And since most of the new iPod models contain large memory (to date, up to 160 GB) that we tend to rely on its capacity. I have personally experienced losing 50 GB worth of files in my iPod and I’m telling you it wasn’t an experience I want to remember; I haven’t recovered everything until now. So, to avoid file loss and to have extra perks than that of other iPod-reader softwares, download SharePod.

Pod to PC or Pod to Mac

If you've ever held gigs worth of content on your iPod or iPhone and lost the originals on your computer - you will love this app. You might know by now that if you connect your fully loaded iPod to your freshly wipped computer, iTunes will automatically want to erase everything on your mp3 player and start fresh. iTunes will also not allow you to transfer music or videos from your iPod back to your computer if you've erased the original file from your desktop. Pod to PC or Pod to Mac will let you do it all! The applications are built to allow you to transfer music and videos from your iPod or iPhone into your Mac or PC directly into iTunes.