Couple of days ago I came across The Great Mundane (Jeffrey Acciaioli) while browsing through the line-up for the largest urban festival in N. America, Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, WA that is. And what a great reintroduction it was!

This superb Portland based musician has already established himself as one of the top beat making giants in the West Coast who, more recently, have also blessed his fans with an entirely free, full of twisted musical textures, hip hop beats and luscious synthesizers, 6-track EP titled This Is So You. Another great ‘ready to party/best when listened with the volume up up and above’ download.

I heard about The Great Mundane before but it wasn’t until I went across his name on the Bumbershoot Festival website that I finally took some time to get lost in his music. So after twenty more then enjoyable minutes into the EP I finally had to admit, I was hooked.
But my weakness for the album came with slight bias towards certain tracks. So while Cubicle Porn Stars and War Snails didn’t gravitate toward that special place in my heart (due to their equally good but just slightly less dynamic and diversified beats), others certainly did.

So if what you are looking for is the first impression of greatness you should probably start with the second track Sliding Down Rainbows or better yet, hit the play on the video below. With the hint of hip hop beats, vintage video game sounds, and the truly powerful synths the track was my instant love affair and offers a great example of what makes The Great Mundane a genera crossover hit.
And if you find yourself with the need for something equally, if not slightly more, powerful head straight for tracks 5 & 6.

Jeffrey Acciaioli grew up in Michigan where, as his bio flawlessly highlights, the words ‘I am bored’ were forever banned and seen as a household profanity. So after years spent of playing in the family tree and self-releasing two hip-hop albums by the age of 17, Jeffrey traveled to Chicago. It is there that The Great Mundane was first introduced to the thriving and world famous house and techno music scene – the movement that together with his earlier hip-hop roots inspired his further creations and is taking his listeners on a journey exploring the complexities and intricacies of his minimalist and innovative approach to beatmaking.

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