As time passes, folk music is shaping up to be one ethereal and intimate genre, which makes it a perfect avenue for self-expression.

Such is the tale of Mike Quiñones, who, with his recent release Centuries, is making a bunch of soothing yet dance-able tunes.

The tame “Outlive Us” gets the good mood goin’ with Latin-flavoured strums, which plagues the rest of the release — and for a good reason. (His surname should give you a clue.)

The chill and upbeat “Water Lion” brings the fun level up by another notch, and acquaints us more with his vintage-sounding vocals in the process. Things go to a head with track # 5, “I Swear I Saw You“, noting his heavy influence from greats such as Paul Simon and The Beatles.

Meanwhile, starting as an acapella, “Timberlines” is progressive tune that has you hanging on to the final, stadium finale, while “Electric Espers” serves as a continuum, adding some lite electro beats towards the end.

Amazing. Clearly, this guy can do everything.

Track listing:
1. Outlive Us
2. In The Land Of Trees
3. Water Lion
4. Helicopter
5. I Swear I Saw You
6. Carina’s Escape
7. Timberlines
8. The Electric Espers
9. Raised by Wolves
10. Centuries

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