Having problems with the never-ending virus threats on your smartphone and desktop? Looking for a free alternative, but at the same time an effective solution. So here it is, the AVG Anti-Virus free-edition for Android.

The Android Market is growing at a fast-pace, and so is the risk threat to our devices. Google markets Android as an open-source environment, so there is not a very strict scrutiny when new apps are published by developers. This leads to Malware enetring the Android Marketplace.

AVG Anti-Virus for Android supports both Smartphones and Tablets. The biggest advantage of having this anti-virus installed on your device is that not only does it scans harmful webpages, apps and multimedia content, but also goes through harmful text messages. Developers claim the Anti-Virus protects the user from real-time malware, virus, and other exploits.

AVG Anti-Virus adds a feature similar to the iOS platform, Find-my-iPhone. When AVG is installed on the device and by-chance lost, then the user can locate the exact location of the device via Google Maps. There are other added features such as, Remote Lock and Wipe, Task Killer, Secure encrypted web-browsing, and the ability to scan various files on the device in real-time.

Users who use their smartphone for online transactions are secured, as AVG provides effective anti-phishing methods. Stolen device can become a thing of the past, as even if the handset is in silent mode, a user can remotely activate the ringer.

AVG is no new player in the Anti-Virus war-zone. It provides complete free and paid solutions for desktop environments as well. I have been using the AVG Anti-Virus Free-edition on my PC for more than a year, and it does quiet a decent job. Updates come-in quick, and even though the entire installation procedure is a bit cumbersome, it still does a neat job at the end of the day.

The desktop version offers added security. So when you download an image from the web, AVG scans it automatically before it can be opened. Similarly, when downloading an .EXE file, AVG states a warning for checking the source. Some neat features.
The more recent AVG 2012 update for PC has also integrated Social Networking support. What this basically means is scans links shared on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other networking sites in real time. Keeping you and your data safeguarded 24×7.

So all Android users who are really into hardcore App downloading, e-mailing, Multimedia Messaging, web-browsing, then AVG Anti-Virus is the best bet for you. Desktop users can head over to the link given below and try out the multiple solutions available out there.

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