Bored of the conventional looks of your text messenger? Well, its time to upgrade and do more than just texting on your device. The Android ecosystem has much to offer but with the the right thrid-party apps, its also a powerhouse. So, welcome the GO SMS Pro.

Developed by GO Dev team, this is one application that every Android user should lay their hands on and experience the next level of messaging in a more fun and intuitive manner.

GO SMS Pro gives users the freedom to have a chat-style messaging interface, all while providing additional support for GO and Facebook chat services right on the device itself. The User-Interface is really neat, and breaks away from the conventional text layout by integrating the Cube 3D effect throughout.

Now, users can customize the background by adding a theme of their choice, either from the default selection or by purchasing additional themes in-app. GO SMS Pro adds the functionality of a private inbox where users can transfer selected messages to the private inbox for secrecy. You can also make GO SMS Pro your default messaging app by simply turning off notifications of all the other SMS applications (including the default app) and just have the notifications for GO SMS Pro turned on.

A feature that is really neat is Schedule SMS. This is a big blessing when you need to send a Birthday/Anniversary text at midnight, but doze off to sleep, as Schedule SMS allows the user to input the desired text and then determine the recipient, date, time, and Voila! the SMS is sent as per the schedule.

The app also supports file sharing between devices via 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks. The buck does not stop here, for the creative lovers, the app has something up its sleeve. Users can create doodle sketches or simply chalk out sentences/words in their own handwriting and send it. As you can see customization is the keypoint of this particular app.

GO SMS Pro has other features such as a night mode, splitting large SMS (CDMA), order messages according to time (sent & received), group messages (group chat, individual chat), individual customization of notification, as well as signature and conversation.

Overall, GO SMS Pro is a highly recommended app for all Android users. In my opinion, its the best alternative to a paid app, like WhatsApp and does the job equally well without breaking a sweat. An awesome job by the GO DEV Team by providing a Pro app of this level for free. Well, the 133K+ downloads and an average rating of 4.5 stars does speak a lot.

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