There have been various DJ apps that help in mixing music and other audio data right on the device itself, but here comes something totally different. Taptu is like a full-fledged DJ app, but instead of mixing music, this one mixes all the social news in a jiffy.

Created by Taptu themselves, the developers brainstorming sessions have really done wonders for this masterpiece of an app. The developers have quite a few other apps developed, but Taptu seems to be a whole new ball game altogether.

Taptu is mainly a social news feed reader that lets the user add, remix, search and share streams from various sources that include, web sites, blogs, social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can add your favorite sources and topics directly from our StreamStore (including importing from Google Reader), DJ them on StreamStudio and finally share the ones you like the most.

Users can add their favorite sources and topics directly from Taptu’s StreamStore, DJ them on StreamStudio and finally share the ones they like the most through Email, Facebook, Twitter and other multiple ways. Users can easily discover thousands of streams which relate to their point-of-interest from a large variety of those already present around the Web. Users also have the option to add RSS feeds using either Bing or Google Reader.

The best part about having Taptu would be the ability to add various streams and getting up-to date news and information. So, for example, a user can have a Stream dedicated to Honda cars as well as Honda HRC. This is the true beauty of the app in its full glory. Android users will love the widget system, as the app gives multiple options of widget size depending of how much screen space is available on a particular homescreen.

Users also get full-fledged control over their Facebook accounts right through the app. So updating a status, liking a comment or just commenting, everything is possible through Taptu. This is definitely integration at its best. Also, if something interesting catches your attention, then just bookmark it and read it later on without any hassles.

Overall, this is one great app for users who like being connected to everything they love. The streams get updated in real-time and the content provided is really good. A thumbs-up to the developer for this app.

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