PC Decrapifier removes unneeded programs from brand-new and used PCs. It takes you step by step, giving recommendations on what to ditch.

Software downloads often come with other add-ons or in bundles. But it’s not only what you’ve download that can be a burden on your system – new PCs come with pre-installed software that you might never even use. Most of them are harmless but if you have more than just few they just could slow down your machine.

For example, you might look at ‘decrapifying’ attached toolbars that come with cool free software, or simply a bunch of programs that we decide not to use and forget to uninstall.

The PC Decrapifier provides a wizard-like interface to help you select which programs to remove in one sweep. Nothing is removed before you approve and the interface is clear about checking this with you before it goes ahead – you’ll be shown a checklist of recommendations first.

Besides the time saving of manually removing programs one by one, the other advantage is that you get expert recommendation about what is not useful and what is slowing down the computer, so you are not guessing. You also get given the top applications others users have removed.

The PC Decrapifier is free for your home computer for personal use. If you are using it for commercial purposes on a regular basis it’s recommended that you upgrade to a paid version on a USB that can regularly and automatically decrapify your work computers.
The free personal version is ready to use straight away.

While downloading the software it will ask for your email but you don’t have to give it in order to proceed and, ironically, it will lead you to other pages to download things you might not even need – just ignore it; in the PC Decrapifier defense, at least they are not sneaking them on your computer.

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