free memory cleaner for PC

PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier removes unneeded programs from brand-new and used PCs. It takes you step by step, giving recommendations on what to ditch. Software downloads often come with other add-ons or in bundles. But it's not only what you've download that can be a burden on your system - new PCs come with pre-installed software that you might never even use. Most of them are harmless but if you have more than just few they just could slow down your machine.


Freeing disk space is always a great way to speed up your PCs functions, but how do you figure out which program/file is hogging all your memory space? If you have been looking for an effective software to help you with this, WinDirStat is your best solution. WinDirStat is based on the Linux application KDirStat. Both programs offer you a visual display of your memory space and hard drive. It allows you to identify which programs take up too much space, consequently slowing down your PC. It also provides a clean up option if you want to fix the problem right away.