For times when you want to cuddle back up in bed on a rainy, gloomy day; you can count on The Wrecking Room to help add to the beautiful mood.

The Wrecking Room is a 7-piece crew from Sydney, Australia. This self-titled short EP was released on BandCamp last October 2011 and comes with 4 simple folk acoustic tracks fit for a laid-back day.

Combining some melodic singing with skillfully played guitars; the album explodes with passion, rich arrangements and stories about life. 

Dance, opens up the EP wonderfully with its twin female and male vocals as well as gorgeous melody. It not only combines guitars and percussion but there’s also the violin serenading in the background as well. In other tracks like Paw, they further the folkish vibe by¬†incorporating the occasional handclap and twinkly sound.

Much of the songs play on the band’s strengths; particularly their capacity to create such melodic songs with simple but endearing lyrics. The remaining two tracks, Welcome Back and Are We Winning, are good examples of this.

The Wrecking Room doesn’t need to be loud or complicated to attract attention. Even though the album is a bit typical of indie folk music, it’s still a beautiful collection of songs that easily grows on the listeners. The EP is offered for free over at BandCamp so why not take a listen and see if you like it.

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