During Art Bruts show in Toronto in late 2005, frontman Eddie Argos demanded that each and every member of the audience form a band by the time they returned. Instruments were scraped together, and The Craft Economy had their first practice the next weekend.

The Toronto based band whose members originally hail from Guelph, Montreal, Vancouver and PEI has a sound inspired by ’70s punk rock and ’80s new wave, and is guided by a love of tight, well-crafted and danceable pop songs.

The band’s first release, the 6-song “All On C” EP was hundred per cent DIY, right down to the hand-made lino-printed covers, and quickly sold out of its limited edition run of 200. The Craft Economy’s second release, “Is On Your Side” EP was released in December of 2008 and is available from the band at shows, over the internet, on iTunes and eMusic, and is distributed digitally using BitTorrent.

Both albums are released under a Creative Commons Noncommercial-Share Alike license, which allows the band to retain the rights to its music, while allowing fans to freely download, share and remix its songs for non-commercial purposes online. This creative approach to music distribution, as well as the band’s public opposition to Bill C-61, has garnered the attention of freedom loving people throughout the World. (…)

The Is On Your Side EP is The Craft’s Economy second EP and was recorded and engineered by Jake Janzen at Turtle Shell Studios in Breslau in June of 2008, and mastered at Zolis Audio in September of 2008. The five song EP is available from the band’s [website] for $5 plus shipping and handling.

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