Andy Suzuki & The Method‘s new release, The Glass Hour, is a shout-out to the future. The 13-track collection showcases the group’s growing fondness of quirky alternative rock rhythms to enliven weary spirits.

The New York-based group opens the collection with Runaway, a charming piece that plays with languid beats and subtle alt rock melodies. One thing that makes the track stand out is its radio-polished arrangement and vocals, which seamlessly flow to the ears for an enjoyable listening experience.

I Can’t Live follows with slow, burning beats blended with rhytmic tunes and thick guitar riffs. Andy Suzuki & The Method entices listeners by slowly easing them in with a captivating intro that shifts into a pumped up chorus, creating much energy throughout the piece.

Meanwhile, Hold You closes the album with a stripped down acoustic arrangement that’s laced with powerful vocals. Here, the band pulls some heartstrings with simple melodies and well-penned lines about love and heartbreak.

Production and content-wise, Andy Suzuki & The Method ticks all of the boxes for a must-have album. The Glass Hour is a well-put album that will delight rock alternative lovers and the like.

So press play, download, and let this great album bring you to music wonderland.

Track List:
1. Runaway
2. I Can’t Live
3. Shelter
4. Fire
5. Mama Told Me
6. I Need You More
7. Come Forward Child
8. Overtime
9. Fight
10. Digging My Way Out
11. Forgiven
12. Searching
13. Hold You

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