Indie folk

balacade: Julie EP

balacade is Andrew Reynolds, a one-man act from Canada that has been producing records back in high school. He cites Sparklehorse, Neil Young and Elliott Smith as his influences and you can tell easily from the music he has produced that he leans towards indie folk genre. Julie EP contains songs that are all written, recorded and played from 2011 – 2014 on 4-track tape machines. This is why the songs have this real, bedroom songs feel to it that makes balacade songs more sincere as they already are.

Andy Shea: Braver

Braver is Andy Shea's latest short compilation. An artist that believes music is best shared and enjoyed with friends; the album is a 4-track collection that showcases simple yet endearing indie acoustic folk. Described as a fan of the "NBA and Shakespeare," Shea is a talented singer songwriter that's currently based in New England. He admits to being influenced by fellow musicians and talented songwriters, Rivers Cuomo and Elliot Smith among others.
Cannibal King

Yesper: Cannibal King

If you're idea of a relaxing afternoon includes having the perfect music to accompany your little getaway, then you should take a listen to Yesper. There's no band in here though; only one man with glasses, a slight beard and his guitar playing the sweetest indie acoustic folk you'll come across.

Jacob Montague: On a Tightrope to the Sun

On a Tightrope to the Sun is a collection of tracks by singer/songwriter, Jacob Montague. The album contains mostly new originals from the singer and one track from his previous record, Fly On. Known for his spontaneous approach when it comes to recording and creating his sound; the album captures the quiet beauty of instruments while encapsulating beautiful melodies that's present in Jacob's sound. Like his previous album, this one is offered at a name-your-price option over at his BandCamp page.

Sea Oleena: Sleeplessness

Released in September of 2011, Sleeplessness instantly brings to mind thoughts of calm and cheerful spring afternoons. Recorded by Canadian dream-folk singer, Sea Oleena; the album is what you'd hear in the background if you decided to go and soak up the sunshine in a day where everything seems destined to go right. This is the second compilation from the singer and like her debut self-titled record , this is also available at a pay-what-you-want option over at her BandCamp.

The Wrecking Room:The Wrecking Room EP

For times when you want to cuddle back up in bed on a rainy, gloomy day; you can count on The Wrecking Room to help add to the beautiful mood. The Wrecking Room is a 7-piece crew from Sydney, Australia. This self-titled short EP was released on BandCamp last October 2011 and comes with 4 simple folk acoustic tracks fit for a laid-back day. Combining some melodic singing with skillfully played guitars; the album explodes with passion, rich arrangements and stories about life.