Here is how you enjoy Lasers‘ latest self-titled EP; insert your earphones, turn up the volume, close your eyes, and forget that you’re in the real world.

Currently based Utrecht, The Netherlands, João Pedro Costa, better known as Lasers, is a Portuguese beat-maker that has been recently creating a lot of buzz on the online music scene. Released under Bad Panda Records, this EP offers 11 tracks (including some tasteful remixes) that plays along the territories of electro and ambient.

Opening track Amsterdam comes at you with subtle, pulsing waves. The fluidity of each tune, sliding past each other, will make you forget that you’re listening to anything than pure bliss.

Following with a bite of faster beats, Paris encapsulates the city of love in three minutes. The chime-sound, while very subtle, is present and important to add a glowing charm to the track.

Lasers treats us with a lot of ear catching technical wizardry in Porto. There is a focus on beats as something that holds the track’s sense of rhythm.

Much experimentation is invested in Berlin. The multiple layers of experimental and edgy sounds add much texture to the track. I love how the artist incorporated sounds from his environment. This really made us feel that we are somehow in the place.

Overall, Lasers self-titled EP is a wonderful collection to take a breath and escape to another world. I love how in every song, the artist successfully tries to incorporate the sound of the places in the titles.

So try to play this album during a lazy afternoon, read a book, and chill your heart out.

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