If you want some smooth and eclectic semi-instrumental cuts to keep you company, Sound Healers Vol. 1 would be a great candidate.

The album consists of 14 interesting tracks from various talented producers. Compiled by Leeds producer, Bambooman, it was done “to help shed light on some amazing forward thinking producers from across the globe.”

You’ll find tracks from artists like¬†Blank and Kytt, Deft, Zack Christ, Daneat, Sina, Rooflight, Kashmere, as well as Bambooman himself.

The album is a great combination of experimental dubstep, hip hop, and what’s termed as “future beats.” Most of the songs are instrumental with various samples and random knick knacks sprinkling the album once in a while. From the eclectic jazzy piece from Crewdson, Metal and Wood; to the more hip hop oriented cut, Astro Crunch from Kashmere; and even to the electro techno beat of Deft in Last Night; each track brings a little something to complete the complex record.

Sound Healers is one of those compilation albums that could easily help you find new artists to love. You get a great dose of talented and obscure musicians that create awesome sounding music while infusing it with their resident touches.

You can grab the album as a free download over at BandCamp. Moreover, once you’re done enjoying this, make sure to also check out Vol. 2 ¬†for free or maybe grab a copy of Bambooman’s record. You should be getting a dose of intriguing sounds either way.

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