Detroit’s Clockwork aims to bring back a little bit of 90s punk in today’s music scene. It’s too early to tell if they’ll become successful at this but their sound is quite promising.

Made up of Jimmy Lawson, Mike Walsh, Dj Liden, and Nick Kucway; Clockwork EP is a straightforward four track compilation from the group. This serves as a follow-up to their first EP, aptly named “Self-Titled.”

Steering away from the Blink 182 type of punk rock and into a deeper, darker and overall, more hardcore punk style; the band is slowly paving their own way in the indie music scene.

With a running time of give or take ten minutes for all of the songs, it’s easy to breeze through the set in the EP. Opening with the loud track, Crashing; the song features heavy guitars and slightly shouty vocals. Even though the instrument work and “dirty” punk sound stays true to the aesthetic, the vocals at times, feels overshadowed amidst the instruments. In fact, you’ll hardly make out any of the lyrics.

On the other hand, Worrywart, makes a dash for it with barely 2 minutes worth of pounding bass, nasty guitars and a more upbeat punk pop sound. Captain or Trapped In? is probably one of the more easily likable singles on the EP. Personally, I still can’t get used to the buried vocals but the song has its merit. Fast drums and raw energy makes up for this.

Finally, the compilation is closed off by Ad and Subtract, which echoes the first song in form and taste. It serves as a great closing track, driving for one last energetic shout before the record closes.

Overall, Clockwork EP is good. Personally, I’m not crazy about it but if you want to let go of some stress and need some loud punk rock to keep you company, this’ll do you good. Take a listen and see if you like it.

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