Music and hip hop with a purpose; Infinite Loop Vol. 1 is an intense collection that’s filled with crafty beats and interesting mixes.

From the instrumentals to the R&B tinged tracks down to the occasional hip hop rhymes, the record is a great collection of random beats that’s worth playing over and over again.

The album is spearheaded by 19-year old UK producer, Cypria.

Cypria is not only a young and talented producer, he is also co-founder of hip hop netlabel, Lunatick Records. Infinite Loop Vol. 1 is one of the label’s first compilation records. The songs on this one were mixed and done by Cypria and exhibits the producer’s penchant for using various genres/influences in his tracks.

On their BandCamp page, they describe the title as something that pertains to “the feeling all producers feel when they create that loop so good it seems like you can play it for days on end.” It’s this sense of familiarity and comfort that also makes most of the tracks here likable.

One of the few standout beats include Shady Characters and its seedy, lounge club feel. There’s also the R&B single, From the Start, which features a smooth beat along with great vocal sample. It’s a laid-back track that’s perfect for easy-listening.

Overall, I think the record achieves what it sets out to do. It’s a nice compilation that’s worth playing for a cool house party or if you just feel like chillin’ with friends over a few drinks. You can check out the download over at BandCamp. The tracks are available at a name-your-price option.

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