Described by another band Bad Suns as “gypsy hippies, but metropolitan techie hi-fi nerd guys,” Kiev is making the rounds in the music industry. With their Kiev EP, the band, which has been around since 2007, is displaying their still evolving sound with the hopes of finding the right place where they can finally set their roots.


Kiev started out as one of the “more straight-ahead rock bands” but has since shed this persona and started to delve in synthesizers and electronics. This transition has led to the band’s current musical arsenal that leans towards groovy and catchy indie rock. Falling Bough, the opening track, vocalist’s Robert Brinkerhoff’s tenor voice is carried throughout the entire song. According to the band, the song’s title is from a massive watercolor painting made by artist Walton Ford.

Many consider Kiev as a hidden gem: a band that has eluded the limelight but is worthy of the attention. Though they may be somewhere below the radar, it will not be a surprise to many if Kiev manages to soar beyond their current status. Since the band has the quality to make it big, it is now up to you to start your journey with them by starting with this EP.

Track List:
1. Falling Bough
2. Ariah Being
3. Solving and Running
4. Pulsing Cough Focus
5. 3rnd (bonus track)

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