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Simutrans is an open source transport simulator game. Your objective is to create networks of transportation. You are in charge of developing signals, tunnels, bridges, level crossings, quays and similar structures. The game is developed by the Simutrans Development Team.

You earn money by transporting people via high speed or commuter trains. The money you earn can be used to build even more structures. Simutrans offers electric, diesel and steam engines. These units have unique properties. You also control aircraft, trucks, buses, ships and ferries. You will even get the chance to build Maglevs and monorails.

By transporting people around, your city and the areas around it will prosper and grow. You will see buses moving around and trucks carrying cargo to and from. Management is not limited to vehicles. You need to be certain factories are stocked. They must have trucks ready to carry cargo and goods. As the area grows, new routes have to be generated. You also have to manage the cityís finances. All of these activities make the game quite addictive.

Pay close attention to industries, oil rigs, power plants and oil fields. Itís your job to coordinate all of these activities. Fortunately, the numerous vehicle options help with the task. You can even build airports and various stations. You can start in 1880 and go all the way to 2050. The ever changing nature of the game mean there is always something new to look forward to. As time passes by, you will see the vehicles and buildings evolve. There are dozens of transportable goods. The game currently has more than 40 industries.

Simutrans can be played on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

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