If you’re looking for a different type of balloon busting game, iSplume might just be the game to try out next. Originally offered for sale, the game is now available as a free download on the Mac App Store.

This cool puzzle game from Flash Bang Studios has gained quite a lot of fans since its release. Unlike regular puzzle bobble types, this one makes use of quirky little creatures called splumes.

The objective is a bit similar to the original though. You have to position at least three similar colored splumes in order for them to pop. Of course, there are additional sets of rules that help make this one a little bit more interesting than its counterparts.

Instead of simply popping similar colored balloons, the game makes use of the iPhone’s gyrosope. Players can easily influence the tilt and direction of the splume, using gravity to their advantage. Once you start playing this one, it’s pretty easy to get hooked.

Game controls are simple. Sometimes I think it’s a little too simple though. For instance, part of the fun in Bust A Move (Puzzle Bobble) was that you needed to figure out where to point the launcher before hurling your balloon. In this one, you just need to tap on the screen and your Splume automatically goes there. This sort of cuts the challenge a bit, making it way too easy. The good thing is that the physics aspect of the game sort of makes up for this.

There are 25 levels to the game. Most of them are pretty easy to finish. In fact, if you’re obsessive about finishing games right away, you can actually go through the levels in just an hour or two.

Overall, iSplume is one of those games you can play when you find yourself with a pocket of time in between doing important things. It’s perfect for short time entertainment since it’s neither too complicated nor too difficult. Give it a try.

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