Hangman Free from Optime Software brings the classic game to the iOS and Android. This is just like the original game except it has some really cool graphics and being on your device, means you can play against an opponent or the AI anytime. The objective of the game is simple: figure out the word before your guesses run and your stickman is hanged.


The game is every bit as fun and addictive as the classic version but it has added some cool sound effects to boot. The game isnít just fun but also educational, adding words to your vocabulary while having fun. One of the nice things about this app is the interface is very clean and intuitive, so even if you havenít played the game before it will be easy to pick up.

While some elements of the game have been updated for the iOS and Android, the classic features have been retained, even the chalk dust is there. For those who have played classic hangman, they wonít have any dealing with the somewhat ghoulish aspect. But there is an option to remove the gallows and leave the stick figure, so you have complete control.

Hangman Free has single and two player support, so your opponent or the device can pick out the word. There are lots of categories to choose from like Holidays, Animals, Food, SAT, Hard, Standard and many more. When you win a game, you will cheer from what sounds like a bunch of kids in a classroom, a nice touch. Bottom line: Hangman Free is a cool way to kill some time and really fun.

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